Welcome to Howdogcare Shop

Here are some top tips and quick video tutorials for an easy and fun shopping experience

1. Create your account

New user guideWhen signing up, make sure you enter the correct email address.

New user guideAfter registering, go to "My Account" to enter your shipping address. You can also enter your shipping address after you place your first order on the billing page.

New user guideIf you have not received a confirmation email, please check your spam or spam first.

New user guideOur system only recognizes characters from the English alphabet. The special characters (such as á, é, í, ó) should be written as follows: a, e, i, o. For example, if your name is Anna López, please write: Anna Lopez.

2. Product Search

New user guideHowdogcare Shop is an e-commerce site serving items for pet lovers and your pet. On our platform, you can find thousands of products offered.

New user guideTo make sure you're looking for exactly what you're looking for, always check the product rating and other buyers' reviews.

New user guideIf you have any questions about the product, please contact the store by email.

3. Shopping Safely

New user guideOther buyers’ reviews and product ratings can tell you a lot about the product itself.

4. Placing Your Order

New user guideIf you haven’t filled in your shipping address yet, you can do this when you place your order.

New user guideBefore paying, make sure you double check your order. Did you choose the right size, color and amount? Did you select the right shipping method?

New user guideDon't forget to also check your country’s customs policy, and if you need to pay import duties.

5. At The Checkout

New user guideYour money will only be transferred to the shop once you have confirmed receiving your order, or when your Buyer Protection has ended.

New user guideIt is only possible to cancel an order if the shop hasn’t sent it yet. The shop will also be asked to confirm the cancellation.

6. Tracking Your Order

New user guideWhen you receive your order and you are satisfied with it, please "Confirm the Goods Received" and the feedback on the Product Review.

New user guideIf the Buyer Protection is about to end and you haven’t received your order yet, you can apply for an extension or a refund. Please make sure you do this before the Buyer Protection has actually ended.

7. Resolving Issues

New user guideAll your purchases on Howdogcare Shop are protected by a set of guarantees, also known as Buyer Protection.

New user guideOnce you have confirmed receiving your order, the Buyer Protection is still valid for another 15 days.